Maria Nordgren makes unique, functional pottery; mainly thrown in porcelain and stoneware. She started ceramics training in Sweden in the mid 70s, but went on to study geology. While working, first as a geologist and later science teacher, she continued to make or teach pottery as a side-line to her full-time work.   

Maria started Momentum Pottery after arriving in Scotland 2006 and joined Scottish Potters' Association. She has previously worked on the committee as workshop coordinator. 

Since 2011 Maria has collaborated with willow weaver Rachel Bower from Forfar. They combine willow and clay to make decorative and functional work. The ceramic element is either porcelain or stoneware and Rachel uses several varieties of willow, most of which she grows herself in Angus.
Rachel and Maria are currently exhibiting their collaborative work at Bard Scotland in Leith, Edinburgh. 

In 2016 Maria spent three months at La Meridiana in Tuscany with  Fran Marquis, Springfield Creative Arts in Arbroath, to learn more about reduction firing in gas and wood fired kilns. They have since then been firing Fran's gas kiln together.

The last few years Maria has also fired work and assisted in several wood firings in Scotland and at Kigbeare Studios in Devon. She is part of a group, of mainly SPA members, who have been building, and are now firing, a wood kiln in Angus. 

​Momentum pottery is equipped with an electric kiln, a momentum wheel and three Shimpo wheels. Nancy Fuller is also using the space for running her ceramics courses and workshops. She specialises in woodfiring and has been teaching in the community art sector 20 years. 

For open studios Maria is joined by several other makers (see Events), displaying and demonstrating their work at the pottery. Christine Flynn, Dunfermline, is doing the raku firings at the open studios and also fires the raku work Maria is showing.